Sunday, April 17, 2011

A kind of miracle

Okay, the following blog comment is spurring me back to action. It reads as follows -

I haven't commented here for a long time, but I too have been so happy for you and so astonished that you have made such a recovery and have two children now, and the part you wrote about feeding your soul 'with a life I thought I'd never have' brought me to tears. It does give me hope - I am bed bound, age 35, after 20 years of illness, have developed various complications, and often hope feels in short supply. Sometimes I find myself thinking, 'was Ciara still severely ill at my age? Is there still time for a miraculous recovery?"!

All I can say is that your story IS a kind of miracle to me and I am very, very happy for you. Enjoy it. I know you know how incredibly precious this level of normality is.

And, in reply, I will open a new post.


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