Sunday, February 17, 2013

Back again and back issues

Hello, it's strange being back here. I usually try to forget that I have a blog because I don't update it.

So, where were we? Well, the kids are 4 and nearly-3. For the most part life is still good. But my back? What is going on?

For weeks now, I 've been waking up in the night to lower/middle back pain that feels as if there's a lump of coal hurting in my spine. My GP has run a few blood tests and found evidence of inflammation (raised ESR) and is exploring the possibility that it could be the beginnings of arthritis or spondylitis.

Jesus. I bloody hope not. What will become of my general bonhomie and borderline smugness at having turned my life around after 20 years of a previous chronic illness? What of my unscientific, 'gut' feeling that mind/body medicine probably has most of the answers, if we just knew how to unearth them?

I don't know. My 'Nice Man' (still here too) says, 'wait and see,' and, 'don't get ahead of yourself'.

Tomorrow I'm back at the doctor. We shall see.



Anonymous said...

You are back! Your blog is on my favourites which I occasionally check and there you were. I hope the sore back is not too serious and treatable.

greenwords said...

How are you? Hope your back is OK. x

Anonymous said...

I'm using mindbody medicine to help myself get rid of m.e. (14 yrs). I've made progress but am thinking of doing the lightning process as my progress is slow and hard to maintain. I've been homebound the past 26 months. anyway, dr Sarno was the first book on mindbody medicine and I also saw him on 20/20. He does a ton on healing back pain. Check out the excellent reviews in amazon. Don't ignore it. I never want you to get symptoms again. You're a huge inspiration. I'm 31 and want to become a mother so badly. Best of luck and stay well. Oh, above are 2 other sources I believe will help your back even if they say its arthritis. I got rid of allergies, vulvodynia, pelvic floor dysfunction, IBS and interstitial cystitis with mindbody techniques ( meditation, deep belly breathing, anything I could think of to create good neuropeptides, saying STOP when going down a path of worry, studying the figh or flight response and ways to activate the parasympathetic system AKA rest and digest...). Now, I have to get rid of m.e.! :)
Take care
M in NY

Ciara said...

Aww, thanks very much M in NY. How lovely of you. My back has been better now by itself - but funnily enough, I have to see a gyny about possible endometriosis. It's all very strange because mostly I feel absolutely fine.

Good luck with LP. I hope you will indeed become a mother one day. Keep the faith.

-C x