Monday, June 17, 2013

Mouths that go peck...

I love the randomness of chat between my children. We were sitting in a garden centre café, this afternoon.

Hugh (4): 'Mum, why does everyone have noses?'

Tess (3): 'Well, Hugh..., chickens don't have noses, (righteous glint in her eye) they just have mouths that go peck, peck, peck.'

I managed to make colouring-in a caterpillar picture last 25 minutes. Enough to get the full relaxation of an unrushed latte. Progress, undoubtedly.


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Sue Jackson said...

I love the things kids say! I used to keep journals of stuff they said. Now they are 15 and 18, and I do kind of miss those adorable quotes...though on the plus side, I no longer need to occupy them with coloring pages!

Glad you got to enjoy a latte :)


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