Saturday, July 13, 2013

T in the Park, Rites of Passage, and Planet of the Apes

Today I got my hair 'done' and felt old because the hairdresser girl was so young she didn't get most of my jokes and just gave nervous giggles. When she smeared the brown colour too far onto my hairline/forehead I said I looked like I was from Planet of the Apes. Hesitation followed by nervous giggle. Then we talked about T in he park and I said it was like a Rite of Passage for Scottish teenagers now. Hesitation followed by blank nod. Dabbing of more gloop on my head.
I'm watching T in the Park footage now and it's quite touching how the audience get off on the communality of it all. Bikini-top girls, (high on boys' shoulders) beam and wave, look at us, look at the fun we're having and how together we are. Hey, world! This is Scotland. We know how to do friendly, mental dancin'. It's our thing. Check it out.

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