Friday, January 31, 2014

What is it with our hospitality industry?

Though I love Scotland, I have grown weary of the oft-encountered, poor customer service.

I am toying with the idea of booking a 2 night, February break in a hotel 'resort,' an hour's drive away. There are 'luxury' lodges and a hotel swimming pool, pine trees and lochs.

I am hesitant, because it feels like a possible indulgence and the weather could be dreich. Still, I phone the (4 star) resort, looking for some encouragement.

-Hello, I am thinking of booking a break with you soon and I wondered if there are any children's activities running?

Woman: (flat-voiced) I have absolutely no idea.

Me: Well, how would I find out? Should I phone back?

Her: (irritation suddenly rising to match mine) Well, it would help if I actually knew which weekend you were coming?

Me: Not this weekend, but next.

Her: Well I don't know. The activities are only planned week to week. But usually, only if the schools are off. So, usually not.
If you phone back next Friday, I can ask the leisure team, but there's been nothing on at all this week....

Me: Okay, thanks. I'll think about it. (Hangs upBlogs in frustration about it).

How different it could have been! Even if there are no kid's activities on out of season, she could have sold it to me with warmth and welcoming. 'Kids always love it here. There are great walks and a play area. It's very family friendly,' etc.

When I do get good customer service in Scotland, or anywhere, I make sure to lob liberal smiles and 'thank yous' at them.

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