Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Yes, then.

Yes, I have been coy; lurking without mentioning the big debate, the huge debate. Our wee country working itself into a frenzy. In a good way.
The reasons for my silence on the topic were many. I did not want to tell others what they should vote. I was unsure myself. I did not want to offend the English or England. (I love the BBC!) I did not want to get into spats and fights.
Two years ago, I started out as a  NO. I thought Scottish independence would be claustrophobic and parochial, like watching wall-to-wall Reporting Scotland (sorry Jackie Bird). I didn't want to 'divorce' England. I was afraid of making a mistake.
But the YES campaign have buoyed me, swept me along, made me feel like maybe I could go white-water rafting after all.
This is not about 'divorce.' It's about localising government and making it more accountable. It's about the Scots rejecting a UK economy where big business has started to rule everything and profit is the only measure of success. All-out capitalism is so uncaring.
We want a different kind of society that is more community-led. We don't want Trident or more eco-vandalism. We want renewables and thinking differently. Free education. We want to define ourselves. Even if we make mistakes, even if it costs us in the short term, even if you don't like Alex Salmond, we'll find a way in the long term. Our way.
If you are swithering, read this blog from the Guardian from George Monbiot. It's a belter.
"Independence, as more Scots are beginning to see, offers people an opportunity to rewrite the political rules. To create a written constitution, the very process of which is engaging and transformative. To build an economy of benefit to everyone. To promote cohesion, social justice, the defence of the living planet and an end to wars of choice."

People of Scotland, may the force be with us.


xraypat said...

Couldn't have put it better Ciara! My decision was made much the same way....the more investigation the more excited, engaged & encouraged towards YES

Anonymous said...

I was up on Islay this summer, and you can have a good old independence debate at the wee cafe/shop at Bruichladdich. I get your post completely, I think a lot of us are now sitting up and paying full attention to where we place our X on the 18th.

JimL said...

Nice piece Ciara. Echoes my own change of heart from NO to YES.