Saturday, September 19, 2015

A lovely over-bite

Ah, it's the weekend and Tess is starting to improve, on anti-biotics this time. Phew. 

I can blog about more trivial matters, like the funny compliments I got from two older women in the doctor's waiting room.

They were a mother and daughter, maybe 75 and 45, brightly dressed in 'good coats', handbags, well made-up etc. The mother had reached that giddy freedom of just saying what she thought with a twinkle in her eye.

She told me I had a great figure, (we hate you, so we do, she said) and asked me if I was an actress. No, you're a teacher? Are you a teacher? Like kids, they were excited just guessingI said it was funny, but I always wanted to be a teacher and might still apply, but for the past five years I had been a full time mum.

They nodded and cooed in glowing approval. You never get that. Then the older woman added, and you've got a lovely over-bite too, tracing her hand round her lips, to illustrate further.

Hey, at this age, slowly going grey, I'll take any compliments I can get. I've waited 47 years to get one on an over-bite. 

Is it just Glasgow or do people chat like this everywhere?


Anonymous said...

I love this, I've read it a few times and snorted every time. You can store it up for smiles over the next few weeks!
Wishing your daughter easier nights.

Sarah Collins said...

Oh this is brilliant. A friend persuaded me to sing at a nursing home Mother's Day concert and everyone was taken out except 5 or so people who weren't taken out my any children so stayed in to see us perform. (It was a mistake performing On My Own from Les Mis...) anyway, I got through a few songs as planned and then at the end, an old lady approached, patted my had and said "you have very nice...teeth" most random compliment of my life! Must be what older folks notice most both here and in Scotland!