Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fashion Faux Paws

Excuse the lame title to this post. I spared you 'doggy style' as a title for the loose and random theme of Fashion and Dogs...(who am I? The Sun newspaper?)

Anyway, as I was saying, I'm amazed by the subtle shifts in life's priorities as one gets older. I used to love buying clothes in my teens and twenties. Now I just get confused and overwhelmed by choice. The major fashion themes this year seem to be - sequins, low cut, high cut, flouncy, floppy, bo-jangley and pom poms. Peasant Yak farmer by day, Celine Dione by night. How can I buy into this?

I purchased a white shirt and got the bus home. The kid sitting beside me was coughing enthusiastically, reminding me of a short story I read yesterday, where a character described buses as 'germs on wheels.'

I mentally bargained with my immune system to fight my corner. I told it that (one day) I might give up vain and stressful clothes shopping expeditions and go to live in the country where I'd spend Sundays talking gentle walks in the crisp autumn air to collect firewood - or something harmonious with nature, anyway.

I'd get a Jack Russell dog and teach it to jump small fences.

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