Wednesday, November 30, 2005


One of my friends said that in order to write a blog, you had to be 'gallus,' and she was amazed that people had the brass neck to do it. I know what she means. As I said in earlier posts, I still suffer from blogger's self doubt. The remedy is to remind myself that people only read if they want to.
To crank up the sheer gallusness of it all, here's a photo of me being asked to 'model' the new B&S t-shirt. My only previous modelling experience was aged 14 on Islay when I worked in a clothes shop and was asked to model the outfits in a fashion show. I was mortified and walked as fast as I could down the catwalk. The song playing was 'You're so Vain' which didn't help. I had to wear candy floss coloured tights (which I was allowed to keep after the show). There was no free cocaine or Vogue cover shoot. Funny that.

Here's another photo of just how gallus I feel most days.


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