Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Threshing About

Hey strangers,

It's a quickie as I've left you for a week or more. I haven't got this frequency thing right yet - how much posting is too much or too little?

Yin and Yang, yes. So I was away visiting my sister and I only checked e mail once a day (as opposed to my usual compulsive 'click-refresh- every-three-minutes' syndrome). I really got used to less e mail. It was far more relaxing. And now I'm back, I feel e mail pressure. Admin pressure! Another paradox of life I don't understand. Either way is fine. It's just thresholds that cause hesitation and discomfort.

Like why is it that I am sometimes so reluctant to go to sleep at night; yet equally reluctant to wake up in the morning? I craved loads of e mail; now I want less e mail. When I get back to 'normal' routine, I'll get bored and want more e mail.
It was good to see my 2 year old niece Maddy. She is teething and was prone to similar threshold waverings. If you asked her, mid strop, if she wanted something - a story, a toy, some soup...she'd wail that she didn't. If you took it away, she'd wail even louder. When she calmed down, she was great though. She says 'Sanks' (for 'Thanks') with such sincerity. She was watching 'The X factor' (let's blame her, shall we? I mean, it's just so awful...) and I asked her what she would sing if she was a contestant. 'I sing Jingle Bells,' she said. Sanks Maddy.
I better try to get off to sleep soon. It's an effort to drag myself away from this laptop. See what I mean...

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