Saturday, January 28, 2006

I'll Try Not to use the Word 'Farcical'

My 2 year old niece Maddy seems to have a fascination for skeletons. She has a small plastic one that she calls Mr Bonesy. When I ask her what she wants me to draw for her, she usually says, 'a skeleton'. It's a bit repetitive so yesterday I tried to vary it a bit. I said, 'What about a skeleton on a bicycle?' She said, 'No way.' Well, here it is Maddy. 'Way'. She's also quite fond of a 3 inch plastic Beethoven doll that my brother bought my Dad for Christmas. She calls it Mr Toven.
I'm grumpy today as my head feels all inflamed after my poetry reading yesterday, which was somewhat of a challenge. I'll try not to use the word 'farcical.' Whoops, I just have. It was in a cafe where most people were far more interested in their lunchtime baked potatoes and coleslaw. Fair enough. The kitchen was open plan (lots of clanging plates etc) and in the middle of one poem, the waiter shouted out, 'Two teas?' My sister Jude commented, 'Did you make a spelling mistake then?'
Still, I was grateful to be asked. Thanks to Francis for helping out. One older man bought a book and I got free fish and chips. I'm off to wrap my head in vinegar and brown paper.

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