Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I need to write more. Do I need to write more?

It's a question that often fleets through my head, similar to, I need my hair trimmed; do I need my hair trimmed? (I usually get 2 hair cuts a year, yet inexplicably, vainly, I mull over the trivia of possible hairdressing options on a more regular basis). Geeze, I'm waffling already. What I mean is - writing takes discipline. It's like swimming in the sea in summer. It's worth it once your under; getting under is the hard part.
I went to a local poetry event last night. It made me swear I wouldn't go to local poetry events anymore. There were a couple of good poems, like a couple of raindrops in the Sahara. There were poems about angels and rainbows and hearts breaking. I remember the judge of poetry competitions saying that the words 'gentle' or 'gently' were used far too often in poems. I'm sure they've slipped (gently) into a few of mine, but I see what she's getting at.
I love a good sibling rivalry poem and click here for one I found earlier.
Perhaps I shall try to blog a bit more. But hark, the fiery ball is high in the sky, unimpeded by clouds. I must get out to feel it on my face.

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Digitalesse said...

Your poetry evening reminded me of a songwriting class I used to go to, way back when. There were a few songs that were all about hearts of the sweet and/or broken variety, much like the poetry you describe. There was one very cool guy who eventually played a recording of a song he had written and we were all sitting around expecting to hear another 'Raspberry Beret'. Somehow we expected this guy to be the next Prince. But when he played his tape, what a shock. It was some bizarre holy song, and it was awful. I didn't know where to look. There were certainly characters in that class, including someone who wanted to write a Eurovision entry. Looking back, my efforts were probably pretty dire too, but it was a lot of fun.