Sunday, May 27, 2007

Not Another Highland Wedding?

Okay Agnes, we'll go if they don't serve venison burgers

Like my dear father, I have always been a late-to-bed and late-to-wake person. In a nonsensical way I feel almost proud it it. It feels more bohemian, less straight-laced.

Nice Man drove us to the Highlands for another wedding (we have an unprecedented 6 weddings over 3 months!) and I asked the landlady of our B&B what time breakfast was.

Oh well.., any time really, she said.

Hallelujah, I said - perhaps an over exuberant exclamation, but I never cease to applaud customer-centred flexibility in the hospitality industry.

Great, when's the latest time? I asked.

A quarter to nine for breakfast. Check out by ten.

Pardon? On a Sunday? So Long, Scottish breakfast. I might as well have woken her up at 1.37am when we came back from the wedding and asked her to do me poached eggs on toast. You said any time before quarter to nine was fine... Tired, you say?

On the drive home we stopped in a lay-by overlooking Rannoch Moor. There was a piper in full regalia busking for foreign tourists (who all seem to wear black and red gortex anoraks). His bagpipes were competing with the chug of a burger van generator amidst the general wafting of chip fat. We took my waterproof tartan blanket and hid behind a hillock where we stumbled upon two young deer with velvety antlers, chewing the heather and staring at us from a couple of sofa lengths away. Lovely.

I feel very wrecked again tonight. No boasting about MT improvements for now! I'll see how next week goes.

PS. My outgoing emails aren't getting through due to server issues. Just so you know.



Rachel Fox said...

Hi Ciara
Having a quiet, staring-at-computer morning (putting off housework, surely not) and thought I would peek at your blog. I don't really do reading blogs so yours must have something the others don't.
Sounds like there's a lot going on what with weddings and ME treatment's funny how full life gets sometimes and how empty others, I find. I have one weekend children's dance shows, visitors, craziness and then the next - nothing, absolutely nothing, like I've fallen off the planet or something. Not sure which weekends I like best. Maybe something in between all the time would be better.
Good luck with all your adventures and experiments.

Rachel Fox said...

Hello again
Thanks for breaking my blog in, as it were. I'm still a beginner with that.
Interesting you have such good music connections. Your man has good taste all round obviously.
I used to be a DJ (in Leeds about 92-97) - lots of different types of music, clubs and pirate was great fun but got a bit crazy..well a lot crazy...Now I go to folk club in Montrose...more sedate but fantastic guests (best this year Heidi Talbot and Johnny Dickinson, I think...). We went to Celtic Connections for my 40th this year too - saw Kate Rusby (good but venue so huge) and Crooked Still (brilliant!).
A Spanish friend of mine has a new album at promo stages. Take a listen to her my space She is bilingual (well multilingual) so some of this new album is in English. Listen to 'lo tech lady' and see what you and your nice man think. I am trying to get her a deal in the UK but my music links are not quite what they were. I wouldn't even mention it except I think she is fantastic - like Karine P - a great singer, a great songwriter, a great musician.

Rachel Fox said...

oh ana - she's changed the tracks that are on my space (just checked it!). Oh well - 'happiness'is good too. i have a couple (literally a couple) of promo cds -if you might like one, email me an address.