Thursday, May 03, 2007

Readiness, Parks, Chips.

I liked this quotes from my quotes-of-the-day email:
... if we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin. Turgenev, Ivan
Does life work best when there is overlap - a willing momentum to take one small risk after another? Either that or I'm just not good at being patient. I wanted to write something today, before I went across the street to the leafy residents' park. I have to write something or I'll feel like a kid that got off school all day with no homework.
I love the park opposite my house, but it still seems shockingly elitist that it's 'residents only' (a private key is £60 a year). Often I am the only person in it. It's ringed by mature trees and is overlooked by the twin spires of a blond church. Birds chitter and leaves rustle and you could kid yourself you were in the foot hills of the Austrian Alps....until the local school kids walk past in big groups, swearing and shrieking things like, Come on Anne Marie , gees a chip, ya wee mongrel.
PS. I put lavender oil on my pillow when I couldn't sleep last night. I overdid it and 16 hours later it is beginning to offend my olfactory system. PPS. This post better have decent line spaces. The unruly formatting is...well, unruly.

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Digitalesse said...

LOL @ "Ya wee mongrel" :-)

Someone lent me their Glaswegian/English dictionary, full of Glasgow phrases, like "You've got a face like a melted welly", and one of my favourites, "Clint Easterhoos", as another way of describing a "gallus wee ned".

My husband remarked that all these Glasgow phrases all seem to be insults. One time we were visiting my mum. Roman sandals were the fashion. We walked passed some wee boys and they started shouting, "Hail, Caesar!" at me. He was shocked at the cheek of them. He told the story a few years later and I had forgotten, I just accepted it as normal. In fact, that was polite compared to some of the things you hear.

I really miss hearing the patter. I'll have to look our for a Rab C Nesbitt DVD collection.