Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The recorded message...

..on the Tiscali help-line says the email faults may take another few days to fix. I imagine engineers in hard hats with walkie-talkies climbing up transmitters and radio-ing to more qualified engineers with white shirts and gelled hair, sweating over micro-chip circuits in open plan control rooms. They'll say, we're gonna need more time, Sir. The blood pressure of chief exec's will be rising steadily as Tiscali customers across the land are email gagged for another few days. I am waving from my blog.



cusp said...

Tiscali are a pain in the neck. I've just left a comment at NMJ saying so too. Leave them and go to someone more reliable. I had 10 weesk of real hassle with them a few months back.

Rice said...

I am waving back.
Complete stranger.