Saturday, June 23, 2007

Get that investigated in'tae

Well, any jolly posts are suspended, replace with IT Rage posts as I still can't get online at home. Having no access to the Internet from the bosom of my bedroom makes me feel like a day old kitten being pulled away from it's mother's belly - hear my squeaky miaow and see my tiny claws paw the air.
The Techie Help man says my wireless router probably needs reconfigured and he can't do it from afar. How gloriously dull! How did it get unconfigured? I try to wrestle with these things. Impatiently I follow all the step by step processes. I told the Indian woman on the helpline, I'd get my dinner first. Yes, she said, better to get your dinner first.
Apologies for slow email replies. I await a modem in the post.


Ian said...

Hi Ciara,

I feel for you ! It makes me Mad As Hell just when I loose connection for just a few minutes, let alone days on end...

Do you have a geeky friend who can come and help out ? I'd offer but my bike has a puncture :-)


cusp said...

I do hope this isn't the dreaded 'ISP beginning with T' again. As I said before they caused me so much grief earlier in the year that I got quite ill with the frustration and constant calls. My friend is now going through a similar thing with them.

Hope they don't bring you too far down --- keep hanging on in there ;-)

Ciara said...

Thanks guys - yes it is surprisingly exasperating in extremis! We existed happily before the dawn of the WWW, yet try taking it away from the fabric of our daily lives!

Yes, cusp - I am already in transit leaving the ISP beginning with T - but the new ISP doesn't start for a few weeks so I am still struggling to realign my wireless router with ISP 'T'. The wireless router was a present from Nice Man. It is made by a Scandanavian company and it'd be easier to learn Swedish than to try and get help from their helpline. Eeech!