Monday, June 25, 2007

Give Me a Voice - Radio Scotland

Greetings Amigos. I copied this info from the Radio Scotland website - (for those living outside Scotland, the programs will be available on Listen Again links on the Radio Scotland website for one week only. I'll try and do you a direct link when it becomes available).

Wednesday Special double feature as Radio Scotland explores one of the most misunderstood and controversial of diseases – ME.

Give Me A Voice
Continuing the series where BBC Radio Scotland gives a voice to another issue from a very personal point of view. Ciara MacLaverty talks frankly about how she has lived with ME for the past 20 years. She reveals how she's fighting a devastating illness as well as battling with the public's misunderstanding of her condition.
Medical Matters
Following on from Ciara MacLaverty's experiences, Cathy MacDonald reveals the cutting edge research aimed at finding a cure for ME. Tackling the difficult nature of the disease head on, she explores the widespread conceptions about it and some of the alternative therapies which have proved helpful for some sufferers.

Me again, folks- I hope that I don't let anyone down with the content of the interview. I tried to tell-it-like-it-is and then I mentioned briefly that I think Mickel Therapy is helping me and this is a vast surprise to me. I know this is controversial in the ME world. Anyway, I can only be truthful about my experiences of the last 20 years...and I have been. As I said, I hope it is of help to others somewhere along the line.



NMJ said...

C, You were brilliant - articulate and funny - I didn't switch on til twenty past, you were reading the wheelchair poem and I started to greet, mornings are not my best. The discussion afterwards was excellent too. Such a relief to hear a programme like this.

Mo said...

Just listened to both programmes live, Ciara. Congratulations on a wonderful interview. The tears were streaming down my face listening to your experiences. Although I know too well myself what a living nightmare the severe form of the illness can be, it was still extremely moving for me.

You came across as articulate, honest and direct. No sign of self pity - you just told it like it is. You deserve a medal, girl! I think you're very brave.

The J said...

Thanks for the links, and for doing the interview! I think you and your mum did very well for such a difficult topic to encapsulate in a short time - I have a hard time describing things even to DH because it changes every hour... I was less impressed with how the specialists came across, but I couldn't figure out if that was due to the questions and editting process, or if it was just too big to cover, or if they haven't gotten their "30 second speil" down properly!

Regardless of how the Mickel therapy looks to those of us on the outside - if it works even a little for you - YEAH!!!

Gillian said...

Thanks for such an excellent programme, Ciara. It reflected so much my own experience that both my Mum & I had a wee greet! Its a rare thing to have the ME nightmare articulated so well. You're brave to put yourself in the spotlight. On a lighter note, as an expert in tea shops of Ayrshire, my quest is less for the ultimate scone and more for the best caramel tart! Good luck with the Mickel therapy, I hope you keep improving.