Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Listen Again Links

Phew - I am just so relieved to receive a few supportive comments after the the Radio Scotland interview aired. (I'm still without the Internet at home, so I was unable to email pals in my address book to tell them about the programme). Anyway, I agreed to do it, then worried afterwards about the possible response(s). As you do...

For one week only the interview is available to listen to online. (My mum and my dear friend Stuart also take part). The poetry is cut off from the start of the recording, but hey ho.

To Listen Again, click here , then scroll down and click on Give Me a Voice.

For the Medical Matters follow-up click here (also one week only).

More blogging if I ever get my blimmin' Internet fixed! Talk about Chinese water torture...

Thanks to the producers at Radio Scotland for their hard work and enthusiasm.



Rachel Fox said...

The radio programme was fascinating. You came over really well and managed to stress the amount of pain involved very well. You're right - most people do think ME is just about tiredness/fatigue. You and your Mum did a great job. Surviving is a much underrated activity.
Lots of love.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ciara, my bf follows your blog and sent me the link to your radio interview, it was just the best thing i have ever heard or read on ME - you expressed it all so well and even had humour in there too which is a real achievement! it had me in tears right from the start as it was all so familiar. i was severely affected for a time but am now at around 85% following Mickel therapy - a total surprise as i was very sceptical. i really hope it can help you too.

Ciara said...

Oh anonymous,

thanks indeed. I'd love to have an email chat with you, if you fancy it sometime. I'm still battling to get back online at home. Could be another week or two - waiting on a modem in the post!