Thursday, June 07, 2007

Of course I emailed you..

During the two week email block out, I got disillusioned with not knowing if any mails were getting through. Another ISP happened to phone and offer me a deal, and normally I get annoyed at such sales calls, but this time I ran into their open arms - metaphorically, telephonically. Oh, the chemistry. Of course, I'll sign.
Anyway, it's been a funny, muddle-along week and I'm still not sure if any of my outgoing emails are disappearing into cyber voids. I may have emailed you 36 times, dear reader, and you remain unaware! I have decided to leave the whole pile of internet insecurity until I return from holiday.
On Sunday I am flying to the Outer Hebrides with Nice Man (birthplace of Nice Man ancestry). Think miles of empty beaches, remote cottages, at least one friendly sheep dog, surely? I must pray for decent weather and/or pray for the capacity to be philosophical in the face of Atlantic rain.
How is my health? It is hard to say. I had the return of horrible inflammo-head yesterday. I had forgotten how painful and wretched it could be. However, I am still trying to find paths of progress, and steer myself gently away from over-thinking. Ha, ha, she says, over-thinking what I can write as the end of this post. That's it, enough! I must go and drape my laundry over radiators.

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sofamum said...

Ciara, have a fantastic time away. I'm going beyond communication too, for a month, staying in in-laws... Hope your internet woes get sorted out soon and you get a good spell while you're away.