Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Digital Detoxes and Blog holidays

Forgive me, dear reader, for my infrequent posting. Yes, I am still torn, often wondering how much time online is too much? I've been enjoying 'The Winter of Our Disconnect' as Radio 4's book of the week.
Basically, a technology-addicted family gave up all screen time for 6 months and found themselves reconnecting in simple and rewarding ways. Here's a summary from a G2 article. Tempting, huh? Nice Man announced, 'We are not doin' that, by the way.' Hmm? Maybe at a later date, I could work up to it. In the meantime, I must get to bed!


greenwords said...

I love Susan Maushart, she writes a hilarious column in The Weekend Australian Magazine that I look forward to reading each Saturday. Have heard her interviewed at length about this 6-month period in her family's life - fascinating!

nmj said...

I had not heard of this writer or book, but good for her! I think the internet is great in small doses and it still intrigues me that we are so willing to engage with total strangers, especially on sth like Twitter, where you may 'talk' to someone once then never again. But I can see the dangers of 'addiction' and I would certainly worry about children oversurfing.