Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Look, No Hands

I am spending my free time thinking about some kind of part time work and mulling over my skills. Today, I can add, Riding a bike along a riverbank with no hands,' to my CV. It only lasted for 5 seconds and took 45 years to master, but it was, indeed, a spike of joy.
It made me think of teenage boys in summer, who came riding into town, arms by their side and shoulders back. I don't know who they were now - like characters from half-remembered dream, but damn, they looked cool.
I was cycling to meet a friend (offering his career advice) and I took a safer short cut, along the banks of the river Kelvin. It's like nature's secret artery through the city, shared by yappy dogs and  walkers, joggers, prams, and the wee druggy couple who weren't having ice creams in the rhododendrons.


Someone Said said...

During one of the first walks in Glasgow I took with my future wife we passed that exact spot, where I also took a picture.

Congrats on the new riding skill.

Hayley-Eszti Szucs said...

Well done! I've never managed to ride with no hands, I fell off too many times trying so I eventually gave up.