Monday, December 23, 2013

Going Underground

Christmas Prayer for three foreign students on the Subway
St George’s Cross? Are you sure?
Are you safe, are you loved?
You must be: your towely socks are newish white,
your rucksacks packed to perfection,
and the silver tinsel on your hats is allowed,
for your brown eyes have no idea
of their own shine: the sassy purity of youth.
When you get off, and the train pulls away,
let everyone be kind to you,
let your B&B be without grubbiness
and let the grey, Glasgow wind and rain
fail to dampen you, in these days before Christmas
when you are far from home.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely poem!
My son just started Uni in Glasgow, he loves that grey rainy city already.
Happy Christmas to you and yours.

Ciara said...

Many thanks, Lesley, and happy Christmas to you and family too.