Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Forget the Tiara Thing

This is a photo of an American pop singer called Ciara. Only she pronounces her name, See-aaa-raa. Oh horror of horrors. As if I don't get enough confusion surrounding my name already. For any new readers, my version is pronounced Keera and all my life people have mispronounced it - as in diamond tiara. I can hardly blame anyone though. Anyway, now that I've got my new stats info, I realise that I get a few random hits from people looking for the gorgeous pop Ciara (See-aaa-raa! 'Comin' at cha!') as opposed to 'Her offy that Belle and Seb cover that writes they poy-ems and doesn'y keep too well, although she looks well enough to me...' (that's a Scottish accent for all ye others). Meanwhile See-aaa-raa fans shake their heads in bewilderment and click on the back arrow.
I got out for a just couple of hours on Sunday to a local park to see some friends play in a band (Camera Obscura). The girls took me back stage afterwards where they made me chamomile tea, which I drank with a coleslaw sandwich and a banana. The rain was splattering on the roof of the small marquee and it was not unlike my memories of camping. I felt sheltered and randomly yet agreeably fed .


greenwords said...

I confess I was once in the tiara camp. I've only ever seen the name 'Ciara' written down, not met anyone with it. Is good to have this cleared up!

Glad you could get out for a coupla hours on Sunday, these little adventures are so happifying.

Sue Jackson said...

I can relate! My given name is Suzan with a z. Most people spell this name as Susan, and the z really throws everyone. I'm often called Suzanne. My dental hygienist still calls me Suzanne, despite the fact that I correct her at every visit...and her name is also Susan! Is it any wonder I usually just go by Sue? On the plus side, I think it's a good thing for a writer to have an unusual name - more memorable, right?


Zona said...

Ok Got to admit you have me laughing! (and wondering what is a coleslaw sandwhich? and that with banana??) LOL ... or perhaps it was reading the scottish accent that made me smile.

About names... I named one daugher Keirstin.. pronounced Keer-stin. Not the correct spelling which is Kirstin (double dot over first i) but every time I showed someone that spelling they would say K-UR-stin which I didn't like. So figuring everyone knew Keir Dulea and how his name is pronounced K-eer I assumed they'd get it right.

Of course they still call her K-UR-stin. argh.


Chris Foresman said...

I’ve decided to name my first daughter Radharani, or Radha for short, after the enternal consort of Sri Krsna. I expect many mispronounciations and misspellings, despite the simple roman transliteration.

Oh well. I hope she doesn’t grow up to hate me. I think it’s a pretty name.

I think Ciara is pretty sweet too. Lucky you. I have a friend named Ciara that lives in Glasgow at the moment. Is that something like a Gaelic equivalent of “Jennifer?”

Ciara said...

Thanks Chris,

Ciara means light in Italian, I think. It is very similar to a word for 'sheep' in Irish! Radha is nice too. Congrats on being a father.