Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Physician, steel thyself

I went to see my doctor today and he had just returned to work after being off sick for three months. Years after I got Coxsackie B virus, he caught it (from elsewhere!) and he told me he would go home from work at 6pm, fall straight into bed and then sleep through till the next morning. He said he felt, 'like he was dying.' So, he was (is?) still struggling and he said that they wouldn't give him all the tests he wanted. I said, there's a policy of 'not encouraging us' with high-filootin, 'extra' tests. It almost felt like we were pals more than doctor and patient. I hope he's one of the luckier ones.
One of my poems was chosen by The Scottish Poetry library for their web page of Best Scottish Poems 2006. A lovely surprise. I'll post a link when it comes online.


nmj said...

Great news about the poem, C, well done indeed . . . goodness, a doctor with Coxsackie is quite a blessing, though not for the doctor, obviously!

Sue Jackson said...

Congratulations on your poem being selected! That's great news.

Coxsackie B is a known trigger for CFIDS (as proven by your very own Glasgow-ian Dr. Gow). I wonder if your doctor now has CFIDS. Anyway, it is a blessing (for you) to have a doctor who understands what you're living with. I'm very fortunate also to have an understanding doctor, but I know many people with CFIDS can't find one.